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Preparing for an Ayahuasca Ceremony

We explain step by step how to prepare for a ceremony ayahuasca and obtain full benefits in the physical, mental and spiritual.

The fundamental part of a correct preparation for a ceremony, is that the person comes with an open heart and without prejudices to take the ayahuasca, only then will he find the cure and answers to what he is looking for.

One of the forms of prior preparation before taking medicine and that is of great help to us is meditations, walking outdoors, doing
exercises, reading books and everything that makes us feel good.
connect with our inner being to discover and know what you are looking for.

This test is part of the purpose of the healing with the ayahuasca that we have reserved for us during the ceremony and that will help us

It is important to make a pre-diet for an ayahuasca ceremony

A diet for the ayahuasca ceremony is to eat healthy and balanced things that do not contain polluting agents so that they do not block the process of the medicine and you have that unique healing result.

You must bear in mind these restrictions:

 Do not eat pork
 Do not use drugs or alcohol
 No sex

However you have to make a diet at least 3 days before the ceremony but you can do 2 weeks before much better.

During the other days you can naturally eat chicken, fish, salads and fruits in a balanced way

Important note:
If the person can prolong their diet for more days much better so you can have greater results both in the physical, mental and spiritual.

However, we are aware that in the current world where we live there are many factors that do not ensure a good diet because in cities there are many factors such as junk foods, intense work, poor diet, lack of time, etc.

Then we ask the participants to at least make a diet for the ayahuasca ceremony at least 48 hours before the taking of the ayahuasca so that the participant can receive the medicine in its essence pure and can penetrate your mental and spiritual physical body and do a good interior job.

One of the recommendations to take ayahuasca is to go calmly, it is say, set aside a couple of weeks to reflect on the way you lead your life.

Ideally, you should give yourself a few minutes a day to meet yourself. It helps a lot to meditate and approach your essence.

What else can be done to have good results when doing an ayahuasca ceremony?

A diet before taking ayahuasca take a balanced diet with the foods rich in vitamins, minerals, vegetables and fruits, so you will have many benefits when performing an ayahuasca ceremony

A diet after taking ayahuasca the participant must take a healthy life style with respect to their diet because after having gone through a process of purification with ayahuasca our physical, mental and spiritual body is purified and clean, so we must keep it clean to have good healing results in your whole being.


The people who will participate in our ayahuasca ceremony must keep in mind that some medications can interfere with the healing process with ayahuasca, so we ask participants to take
Count the following:

Let us know what medications you currently take.

We need access to your mental and physical health history.

For us it will be a great honor to guide you and to live that mystical experience with the ayahuasca plant.

What things should you bring to the jungle for your ayahuasca retreat?
el en canto del ayahuasca Shamanic Center is in a jungle area and we recommend you bring everything you need for your stay.